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eqiad: Rack/Setup 6 new pool servers
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Rack and do the initial setup of the 6 new pool servers. I am going to spread these out 2 in 3 racks.
Most likely
2 in A4
2 in C4
2 in D4

Event Timeline

Racked in the following locations

a4 U27 wmf4746 4LF9FB2 4/0/26
B4 U15 WMF4747 4LF7FB2 4/0/34

C4 U15 WMF4748 4LF8FB2 4/0/31
C4 U16 WMF4749 4LFDFB2 0/32

D3 U32 WMF4750 4LFBFB2 GE-3/0/31
D3 U33 WMF4751 4LFCFB2 3/0/32

Mgmt DNS

wmf4746 1H IN A
wmf4747 1H IN A
wmf4748 1H IN A
wmf4749 1H IN A
wmf4750 1H IN A
wmf4751 1H IN A

Servers are racked, labeled in switch, racktables updated, google docs updated.