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Teahouse Q&A dynamics
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A study of editor behavior on the Teahouse Q&A board.

Collaboration between @Capt_Swing and @Flipover. Goal is to understand how the behavior of Teahouse guests and hosts has changed over time. Findings can inform the design of new editor support tools and community projects.

  • Insights into the quality of service provided at the Teahouse can help us understand the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of Teahouse-like community-driven new editor support forums.
  • Insights into the kinds of questions new editors ask at the Teahouse can help us understand the primary issues that new editors face, and perhaps even yield a sense of priority/proportionality between (for example) technical issues vs interpersonal struggles vs policy issues... to the extent that these things can ever be separated on wiki ;)

Timeline (from April 1 2018):
Reviewers have noted that the limitations of the study could be ameliorated by including interview data to contextualize and support the conclusions. 4 interviews have already been completed; we need to perform at least 2-3 more before submitting to CSCW 2018.

  • send invites to 8 more Teahouse hosts
  • draft updated interview protocol
  • interview hosts
  • update manuscript with new interview findings
  • submit abstract to CSCW 2018 (deadline: April 16)
  • submit manuscript to CSCW 2018 (deadline: April 19)
  • final revisions to accepted manuscript
  • secure OA release rights
  • submit camera-ready
  • publish preprint to SOCARKIV

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Update: submitted an updated manuscript to CHI 2018 conference in Sept. Reviews were largely positive. Submitted rebuttal in Nov. Will hear back on final acceptance on Dec 11.

Declined by CHI 2018 :( re-submitting to ICWSM 2018

Latest update: didn't submit to ICWSM 2018; new plan is to perform 2-3 more interviews and submit to CSCW 2018.

Submitted to CSCW 2018, and we were invited to revise and resubmit by July 11!

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@DarTar I'll close it as soon as I've uploaded the camera ready version.