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[betalabs] Add bundling for page-linked notifications in case one-to-many
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According to V 2.0 Notifications -- Showing Updated Text and Links

page-linked Links were made from Easter Island and 99 other pages to Moai.

This covers the case when a page and other pages are linked to a certain page, as in the above example: 'Easter island + 99 other pages' are linked to 'Moai', i.e. many-to-one.

Should be there a bundle for a symmetrical case: one page is linked to many?
The screenshot below shows two cases: many-to-one, i.e. from 'Mavetuna82 and 2 other pages to Mavetuna' and one-to-many: from 'Mavetuna82' to 'Mavetuna44', 'Mavetuna33' etc