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Improper handling of invalid titles in some special pages
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Author: ycombarnous

Just upgraded to 1.11 from 1.10.
When going to some special pages, I get the following error

Call to a member function getPrefixedText() on a non-object in D:\\websites\\mediawiki\\includes\\SpecialFewestrevisions.php on line 47, referer: http://localhost/wiki/index.php?title=Special:Specialpages

This also happens in SpecialFewestrevisions.php on line 47
and PageQueryPage.php on line 22

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: major



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ycombarnous wrote:

*MW 1.11.0 (upgraded from 1.10.1)
*PHP 5.2.1
*Windows 2003
*XCache 1.2.0 ($wgMainCacheType = "CACHE_ACCEL")

ycombarnous wrote:

OK, I debugged that.
I had a page in MW 1.9.2 that got no title.

Since MW 1.10.0, the following pages no longer worked even though it worked in 1.9.X:
-Dead-end pages
-Orphaned pages
-Pages without language links
-Uncategorized pages

I fixed that by running cleanupTitles.php (I had to do a Control-C after 5 minutes as the script wouldn't end, but it worked still).

robchur wrote:

Improper handling of invalid titles in special pages constitutes a bug - normal procedure is to escape the page_title equivalent and present it to the user in plain text with a short message.

ycombarnous wrote:

Ok: to reproduce, put a "null" on any row in page.page_title.
The page on which you do that should of course qualify as dead-end or orphaned page, etc....

On MW 1.9, I got a strange list where item 1 & 2 would merge, the rest being normal.
On MW 1.10 & 1.11, I got above error message.

nicdumz wrote:

proposed patch

QueryPage.php states, for makeTitle & makeTitleSafe :
// @return Title the new object, or NULL on an error

And actually, the return value of these functions was never really being checked in any of these Specialpages.

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nicdumz wrote:

proposed patch, tabs instead of spaces

Oops, was my first patch here; apparently you'd prefer tabs, here is a patch using tabs ;)


Fixed in r41673, r41677, and r41726 by Mr.Z-man.