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Create Math tracking category
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Create a tracking category which links to all pages using Math formulas. Perhaps something similar to Extension:GraphViz's tracking category or Extension:DynamicPageList3's tracking template

Would make it easier to find occurrences of math on wikis using default search capabilities.

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You can use the default search insource:/\<\/math\>/

What would be the benefit for a user?

insource: is part of Extension:CirrusSearch, which is not part of a default mediawiki install.

The math syntax is much more complicated than standard wikitext. Having a tracking category helps more experienced users find formulas that are incorrectly structured, or could be simplified/improved.

With the significant updates currently occurring with the Math extension, this would also help administrators validate that things are still working properly.

Ok. But CurrusSearch is enabled in production. My only concern is that I think the information might disturb the average reader.

To administer the math tags in my wiki I wrote the extension MathSearch. For private wikis this is a good alternative.

There is a more specific category T49037 for a category for pages with maths error. Thats more important to me than this one.

BTW the <ce> tag is getting some more use now. There are 186 pages using it, and its all documented in Help:Formula.

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