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Design the translation experience on mobile
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Content translation showed how translation could be useful as a way of contributing. We want to support translation on mobile too.

The specific approaches to do so will be defined as the result of this ticket based on design and research work.
The desired outcome is to have designs defined and evaluated that communicate a the way to support translation on mobile, ready to be developed in future steps.

Some initial considerations were captured in this document.

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I captured some concepts on how to support the translation of an article in this video.

In a recent conversation a user with experience using the current Content Translation on a mobile device shared these thoughts:

Although translating on mobile isn't as convenient or interesting as doing on a computer, but sometimes you just need to, because for an editor like me who don't own a computer or have access to them might find it difficult to say must have got a computer before doing something that's needed from him. But by the way I've seen some of the translations that's done using the tool, its really accurate and the only thing needed is to do some proofread and copyedits after. Thank you so much for the reply, I even thought it was a problem my mobile has.