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Enable translation engines in
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There is a lot of documentation translation work being done in Unless I am missing something, all of it is being done manually.

The Translate extension allows the integration of automatic translation engines. This would save a lot of work to translators, who currently are either typing manually or are copying & pasting from external translator engines.


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See T111534 for "blockers". is already using Apertium hosted by cxserver. is already using Apertium hosted by cxserver.

(Though it seems broken. )

Currently in the English -> Catalan pair, I get two options: Yandex (which works) and Apertium-WMF (which doesn't provide any recommendation).

To be clear, I am not claiming that using these engines is guarantee of good quality translations just by clicking one button. Compare to a white textarea, they are better motivators to start translating, and they save a percentage of the work.

Yandex requires (extremely wide, local and global) community consensus, which you would need to provide per the standard of configuration change requests or new features.

Apertium is ok, we just need to check that the configuration actually works.

We can start with Apertium, indeed. Let's not mix the Yandex discussion with the introduction of this feature.

Nikerabbit triaged this task as Medium priority.

I have a patch in review that fixes cxserver support. Apertium can be enabled in early May with a configuration change, for all WMF Translate wikis I suppose.

Nikerabbit changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Apr 20 2016, 1:27 PM

if this then makes the same mess as it is done on meta for e.g. idealab - than please do not enable the extension. i would have nothing against a translation support, properly supporting to put pages including transcluded contents side by side.

see the german idealab translation as frightening example:, half translated, some in english, some other strange language, mostly outdated and anyway marked 100% complete. links going to english content instead of german. no support to add the "de" to links which is basically the most important interlinking feature.

@ThurnerRupert that has nothing to do with this task. We can discuss those issues one by one somewhere else, please.

Nikerabbit changed the task status from Stalled to Open.May 3 2016, 11:25 AM

Change 286632 had a related patch set uploaded (by Nikerabbit):
Translate: Use Apertium via cxserver

Change 286632 merged by jenkins-bot:
Translate: Use Apertium via cxserver