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Quantity datatype precision (tracking)
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We discussed about quantity precision today and here's a way forward:

  • DataValue needs to support undefined precision (WIP:
  • T115269 Remove "guessing" of precision from parser
  • T117457/T95425 Change formatters to support unknown precision, and always show the precision when defined
    • Note: this will cause that +-0 is shown where it is defined as precision
  • Guess the precision where needed (e.g. for unit conversion, indexing and RDF export)
    • T105623 Change the guessing algorithm to guess precision of +-0.5
    • Open question: how to handle numbers with no decimals? e.g. 2300 could have +-0.5 or +-50
  • Create bot that removes precision that matches the previous guessing algorithm
    • Open question: should precision +-0 be removed from properties that represent counts? Or T112247/T68580 should properties for counts get an own datatype?

Also related:

Some of the above points do probably have existing tickets already that could be linked and should be subtasks of this. @daniel @thiemowmde can you double-check the list and link the tickets?

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I'm not sure how to link it, but there's T112247 asking for counts to have their own datatype.

It would be good to include T112247 in this .. somehow.