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Split up editor preferences into VE and source parts
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Split up editor preferences into VE and source parts and show/collapse the right part after user toggles the VE/source switch (checkbox) on the top of the Editor page

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Jdforrester-WMF changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Apr 26 2016, 7:12 PM
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I'm not sure it would be healthy to try to present the two halves of editing as distinct. Can you explain the use case?

If I go to preferences > Editation tab, there are some options. But most of them apply only for source editor. But from their description isn't clear, that they only apply for source editor and not VE. E.g. the setting of columns and lines is to me working only for source editor, but it isn't specified there.

Maybe group the relevant stuff in fieldsets?

Keep in mind that there can be various number of editors (Wikimedia sites ATM use four in default plus some of those sites have some additional due to installed extensions) so the solution has to be scalable.

Removing unrelated projects (please see their descriptions).

Going to I see exactly three items related to VE, all under the "Editor" section, and all next to each other: "Temporarily disable the visual editor while it is in beta"; the "Editing mode" dropdown; "Enable the visual editor and the new wikitext mode in Structured Discussions".

Boldly declining this ticket.