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How to update JavaScript components
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How to update JavaScript components? As it is useful to use JavaScript components in MediaWiki core and Extensions, how do we update them from the upstream repository (e.g. using npm)? For sending the JS to the client usually minification or something equivalent is required at some point in time between update and sending out the response to the client. Then ideally all this is automated. This has some similarities for the same question for PHP components, see T105638 for that.

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RobLa-WMF mentioned this in Unknown Object (Event).Apr 27 2016, 6:28 AM

A cautionary tale about relying too much on npm, composer & co:

I'm all for using package managers. But we have to make sure we get the workflow right, and don't end up depending on a single point of failure that we don't even control.

@JanZerebecki do you plan to propose a solution in this RFC, or do you want to have a completely open field narrowing or even problem definition session? As of now, there doesn't seem to be much to discuss here.