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Undelete succeeds during database lock
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As reported on my userpage; need to test this.

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Prodego wrote:

Testing this on (which is rather unstable, but I don't have a local wiki handy), I found that I could actually *successfully* undelete a page during a database lock (it was locked using Special:Lockdb in this case, but I assume anything short of setting the database to read only will have this problem). I would also assume that this is the reason it failed on the Wikipedia server, the server itself was locked. If someone would care to confirm this on a vanilla instillation.

AFAIK, locking the database by setting $wgReadOnly does yield an error message.

cannon.danielc wrote:

Confirmed on vanilla install. If the db is locked, when you access Special:Undelete, you will not get the Undelete button. But if the db is locked while undeleting a page, it will succeed.

cannon.danielc wrote:

Committed fix in r26768.