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Make notification settings for new users configurable
Open, Needs TriagePublic


EchoHooks::getNewUserPreferenceOverrides() changes some of the default Notifications preferences for new users. The changes are:

'echo-subscriptions-web-reverted' => false,
'echo-subscriptions-web-article-linked' => true,
'echo-subscriptions-email-mention' => true,
'echo-subscriptions-email-article-linked' => true,

(it also sets 'echo-subscriptions-email-reverted' => false but that aleready defaults to false anyway)

We should make this configurable rather than hardcoding it in Echo. We should also reevaluate these settings. I can understand why we have different settings for new users, and why we'd enable article-linked only for new users, for example, but why would we disable revert notifications for new users?

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