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Template subpages for es.wikibooks
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It looks that has been reverted, as we're no longer able to see the link back to the main template page anymore (the link below the page title: "< Plantilla:Hecho"). For example (Template:Done doc subpage). Can we please have them again? Thanks for your time. Best regards.

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Looks like it should be working:

'wgNamespacesWithSubpages' => array(
       	'default' => array(
          NS_TEMPLATE		/* 10 */ => true,


'+eswikibooks' => array( 0 => 1, 6 => 0, 8 => 0 ),

is not overriding it.

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@Platonides Can you guess what might be the issue then? It's very annoying that this is not working. Any ideas. Thanks.

Looks like this isn't an eswikibooks specific issue.

Both these wikis have the same configuration for $wgNamespacesWithSubpages as eswikibooks.

Added Hoo as CC. @hoo Maybe you can work out what's happening here? This is disrupting template edition at least at es.wikibooks and no one looks like it's able to guess what's happening. Thanks.

I wonder whether it would work as expected if we remove the es, it and id wikibooks specific arrays; all these arrays have exactly the same values as the default wikibooks array.

Using eval.php, I can confirm that $wgNamespacesWithSubpages does not have a 10 in it for eswikibooks, so this looks like an issue with how it's configured in InitialiseSettings.

still doesn't work, afaics

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works now after the actual deploy, it was only merged. :) eswikibooks have a different appearance though: title is linked. I guess that's a local customization though.