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Error 404 while updating feed
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Description links to


but these links became 404 at some point.

This used to work, we noticed this because the Blog RSS Feed is included in (see parent task)

16:31 -!- Irssi: Join to #wikimedia-au was synced in 7 secs
16:33 < mutante> where can i open a ticket?
16:54 < p858snake> I would email
16:54 < p858snake> We did have a Bz at one stage but it looks to have disappeared
16:55 < p858snake> or file in phab without any projects, and I will cc a few of the au folks in

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This problem was identified in Jan and pinged in Feb.

@werdna Do you still do the WikimediaAU IT stuff? you are the last person I can find mentioned on the wiki/mailing lists (~2010ish)

btw, Would the Australian Wikimedians like a a project tag here in phabricator for these things? would not be hard to setup but maybe be quite helpful.

So, Wordpress is correctly configured.

For example the application URL redirects to the canonical

But it seems your web server doesn't pass all the various URL lile here /feed/* to WordPress index.php entry point.

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Hello Wikimedia Australia, friendly ping about this.

sent an email to about this

sent an email to about this

@Dzahn: Did you get any reply?

yes, we recieved the email and our tech guru was looking into the matter
the link was severed when we had to change hosts after a major server

@Gnangarra: Does your tech guru plan to take care of this? :)

Yea, i was gonna ask to0, i wasn't sure if this means it will not come back or if it will be fixed. If it doesn't come back and there is no alternative RSS feed of Wikimedia Australia we would simply remove it, but nicer would be a working RSS/Atom feed of some kind, of course.

Unfortunately closing this report as no further information has been provided by @Gnangarra.
Please reopen this report (by changing its status) after you have provided the information asked for and if this still happens. Thanks!

Change 328465 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dzahn):
planet: remove feed

Dzahn claimed this task.

I will take care of it.

Change 328465 merged by Dzahn:
planet: remove feed

Please let us know @Gnangarra or anyone else if there is a working RSS/Atom feed for Wikimedia Australia again in the future. For now we have removed it from Planet, but more than happy to re-add it. The easiest way to let us know is just reopening this ticket / commenting on it.

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