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Split Flow role
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@bd808 suggested splitting the Flow role into a basic one, and a full production-ish one for us.

If we did this, I'm thinking basicflow would have the required dependencies

  • include ::role::memcached (I don't know how much of an issue this really is, I was running Memcached for a while, but currently we strongly recommend it at Extension:Flow)
  • include ::role::parserfunctions
  • include ::role::parsoid (technically this is not required, but you really want it).
  • include ::role::echo

and flow would depend on basicflow, plus have:

  • include ::role::antispam
  • include ::role::cldr (added, we seem to be missing a dependency on this)
  • include ::role::checkuser
  • include ::role::confirmedit (added)
  • include ::role::eventlogging
  • include ::role::externalstore
  • include ::role::betafeatures
  • include ::role::varnish
  • include ::role::visualeditor (added) (and set $wgDefaultUserOptions['flow-editor'] to 'visualeditor').

Event Timeline

@Mattflaschen-WMF, do we have to fix this now? Or can it wait until next quarter?

I'm going to do this now, since it's a quick fix and impacting people.

Change 293229 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mattflaschen):
Split flow into flow and wikimediaflow

Change 293229 merged by jenkins-bot:
Split flow into flow and wikimediaflow

  1. vagrant destroy
  2. vagrant enable wikimediaflow

Checked the functionality - Flow, Echo, Notifications page work fine.