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Missing data on labs replica database
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This revision from April 22 is on Wikipedia, but missing from the replica database:

Maybe related to the data center switch?

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Not sure if this is the same issue or not, but we ran a Wiki Ed cohort sometime in late 2014 or early 2015, and got a result of around 16 million positive sum bytes added. Running the same cohort with the same parameters yesterday returns ~13 million. We are pretty confident that there is no 3 million bytes worth of contributions that were deleted in the meantime, so missing data might help explain it.

Here's the public report of that cohort:

jcrespo added a project: DBA.
jcrespo added a subscriber: jcrespo.

We are precisely at this very moment reimporting now the revision table- we are curently on revision id 55000000. It will take same days to reach revision 700 000 000 but we are getting there: T126946#2317370

The revision is available on the new labsdb servers (which will fix now and in the future any drift with production). This is difficult to solve on the current (old) servers:

root@localhost[enwiki_p]> SELECT rev_id FROM revision WHERE rev_id = 716557594;
| rev_id    |
| 716557594 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

I consider this fixed, if you need the data fixed now and cannot wait for the official announcement and documentation on how to access the new servers, please contact us.