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{{Article}} doubled with <cite> tags
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On frwiki, many edits from CX deal incorrectly with some templates for books, by putting both the template with the correct fields and several <cite> tag completely useless and that should never be in articles.

See for example this fix by a user on frwiki

Look at the huge parts that were removed like

<cite class="citation journal" contenteditable="false">"P-type electrical conduction in transparent thin films of CuAlO<sub>2</sub>". </cite><cite class="citation journal" contenteditable="false">''Nature'' '''389''' (6654): 939. [[Digital Object Identifier|doi]]:[[doi:10.1038/40087|10.1038/40087]].</cite><span class="Z3988" title="ctx_ver=Z39.88-2004&" contenteditable="false">&nbsp;</span>

When will CX stop producing trash in most of its edits ?

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In the edit, the issue that required the fix {{Modèle:Article|..}} to {{Article|..}} is now fixed by

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Checked with current 1.33.0-wmf.21.