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[Task] Wikidata & Wiktionary port (Wikispeech)
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Wikidata & Wiktionary port of IPA and recorded pronunciation
Existing: No
To do: Develop Pronuncify so that the chain is extended.

Identified as a component during the pilot study.

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Wikispeech-STTS: Is it possible to add a connection to relevant Wikidata objects in the lexicon? Does the lexicon already have a description field for the words?

When volunteers have opened the editor, with the intention of improving the lexicon with IPA, an interesting addition to the workflow could be the following:

  1. In the editor the volunteer is given a suggestion for what Wikidata object the word could refer to - based on the spelling of the word.
  2. With a click they could then add the connection between the Wikidata object and the word in the lexicon. If more than one Wikidata object has the same pronunciation (but different meanings) they can all be connected to the word and IPA in the lexicon.
  3. This would trigger a bot to update the Wikidata object with the new IPA for the word.

This would create added value in two ways:

  1. The volunteers efforts to add IPA would be used in more places in the Wikimedia universe;
  2. It would also create a value for Wikispeech as the Wikidata descriptions available for each unique object in Wikidata could be presented to the volunteer that is working in the editor (making it easier to pick the right word from the pronunciation list).