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Socialize metrics standardization work with analytics metrics work
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Analytics is looking into updating a lot of wikistats metrics using "Event streams". The metrics that #research-and-data and data developed for "metrics standardization" would work very well with event streams. We should sync up and identify overlap and discuss what support we can provide to their work.

Metrics standardization docs:

Event Timeline

@JAllemandou, can you help me add links to relevant Analytics tasks?

@Halfak : Linked some tasks as subtasks of this one.

@DarTar would likely be interested in this since he lead the metrics standardization effort.

@Halfak I'll remove this from research-backlog as I don't know if you want it declined or not.

Which specific team is supposed to look at this task?
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@Aklapper Halfak can make the call here as he knows this task the best.

Halfak claimed this task.

It looks like there's nothing more to do here.