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Wikidata build broken by failing Wikibase\MediaInfo\Tests\MediaWiki\View\MediaInfoViewTest::testPlaceholderIntegration
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10:06:15 1) Wikibase\MediaInfo\Tests\MediaWiki\View\MediaInfoViewTest::testPlaceholderIntegration
10:06:15 __construct() expects at least 9 parameters, 8 given
10:06:15 /mnt/jenkins-workspace/workspace/mwext-testextension-hhvm/src/extensions/Wikidata/extensions/Wikibase/view/src/EntityViewPlaceholderExpander.php:106
10:06:15 /mnt/jenkins-workspace/workspace/mwext-testextension-hhvm/src/extensions/Wikidata/extensions/MediaInfo/tests/phpunit/mediawiki/View/MediaInfoViewTest.php:300
10:06:15 /mnt/jenkins-workspace/workspace/mwext-testextension-hhvm/src/extensions/Wikidata/extensions/MediaInfo/tests/phpunit/mediawiki/View/MediaInfoViewTest.php:330

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Fixed by I don't think an issue in an experimental, unused extension we just started working on should break everything or have priority »Unbreak Now!«.

Something that breaks the build on master is a deployment blocker, even if the build for the wmf branch won't contain it. There are already 7 tasks in the current sprint with priority high. What should the priority of a deployment blocker be? I assume it should be higher than less urgent tasks. If we want to be able to use high for such things we need to normally have no task with high in our sprints.

However I agree that the breakage should be before merging and not after the build is made. T105638 will fix that.

That's why I wrote it shouldn't break everything (aka the build). I don't understand why it's in the build at all. It should be in a different build.