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Named Queries
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history -> result <- query, value inserted for param, value... (has a wiki title, rendering shows result, how to deal with mutliple languages?) <- query template, param, ... (has a wiki title, content contains editable SPARQL, possibly is an entity with label for multilingual title)

This allows not duplicating the same queries all over the place. And the stored result can be updated when there are resources instead of not being available when the cache timed out. The history of results can be used to show a diff and to trigger notifications when the content changed.

Similar to Query Templates / Named Queries is the idea of Query Entities / Query Entity Type. We also talked about possibly needing conversion of a sparql result to wikidata data model and back. Can we link more to past discussions?

Stored results and named queries will be needed for T126741. See also T126730. Scribuntu / Lua also needs access to those results.