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{{int:}} returns the English message rather than the default
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For example with the pages MediaWiki:Lang and MediaWiki:Lang/en created and the page MediaWiki:Lang/es missing, when the user's language (as set in Preferences) is Spanish, {{int:lang}} returns MediaWiki:Lang/en instead of the expected MediaWiki:Lang.

Because of this bug tons of pages MediaWiki:Message/xx need to be created, one for each supported in MediaWiki language, in order to still get the default and not the English message when the user's language is not one of the supported by the project ones.

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I should add that I tested this in wikis where the default language of the wiki itself is not English, so this doesn't seem related to the language of the wiki, just the user language. If the bug can at least be fixed so that MediaWiki:Message/langOfTheWiki instead of MediaWiki:Message/en is returned, that would also be an acceptable solution.

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Here is an example (from so you can see what I mean:

Example contains the text {{int:Example}}
MediaWiki:Example contains the text gsw
MediaWiki:Example/en contains the text en
MediaWiki:Example/de contains the text de
And MediaWiki:Example/es is missing

displays de, as expected

displays en, but it should display gsw

The fallback of all languages is english, so the fallback of language es is en, when the message is not found. Changing this behaviour is a big deal, see T3495

V111P added a comment.May 6 2016, 8:22 PM

Thanks for the reply, Umherirrender.