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Python 3 fails with UnicodeDecodeError
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Python 3 fails with UnicodeDecodeError like

Could not load cache: UnicodeDecodeError('ascii', b'\x07\xe0\x05\x02\r\t6\n\x92\xfd', 1, 2, 'ordinal not in range(128)')

Some unitttest fails for that reason, see, also getversion_svn_setuptools call is broken (see T132292)

The problem in inside code: CachedRequest.__load_cache() when printing the Exception message:

except Exception as e:
    pywikibot.output("Could not load cache: %r" % e)
    return False

The problem might be that the exception is catched anywhere in upper level.

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We can either clear apicache between test runs, or change this .output() into .debug(); the issue is Python 3 trying to load a Python 2 pickle file, and failing on a Python 2 bytestring. (Python 3 always tries to convert those to unicode, which, not surprisingly, fails)

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I saw that there are both apicache-py2 and apicache-py3.
Shouldn't it be that the corresponding cache is used when using py2 or py3? So that such incompatibility is avoided?
I remember a similar discussion but cannot remember when it happened and the conclusions :-(

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That message is not showing something a failing. It is just a message output , and all tests pass.
It occurs when py3 tests are run after py2 , as occurs in tox-jessie job, and the caching layer finds suitable filenames but cant load them.

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I could not find any occurrence of that error message in recent logs. I guess 2be2bbda8de16408723074a4ebcdf1d85e403fb0 has resolved it.

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Me too.