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Inability to find this character 'ல¦' using mediawiki search in
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Inability to find this character 'ல¦' using mediawiki search in For example the character 'ல¦' is present in the webpage . But while doing a search in the site with the search term 'ல¦' the results are not shown. If this is fixed in the search results it would be very useful in correcting and updating many pages.

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It's hard for me to know whether this is intended behaviour or not, given that I don't speak Tamil. However, I have asked @madhuvishy to help me figure it out since she's a native Tamil speaker.

Deskana triaged this task as Medium priority.

Having checked with Madhu, this is working as intended. Searching for an individual character in search will, by design, not return any and all occurrences of that character in pages on that wiki. This would not serve most users needs.

However, there is functionality in CirrusSearch that will let you do the above. Try using the insource option. Hopefully that'll help you. :-)