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Translation from Danish to Norwegian Bokmål seems to be broken
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Seems like something is broken at ContentTranslation from Danish to Norwegian Bokmål. Note the spinners (throbbers) and the unresolved system message to the right.

screencap content translation 2016-05-02 da-nb.png (626×1 px, 80 KB)

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A question about this was posted on w:no:Wikipedia:Torget#Maskinoversettelse fra dansk?

Is this somehow related to T124137?

This is an error that shows up when the URL uses wrong language code for from or to, usually by mixing up the no or nb codes in some way.

This has become very visible due to this announcement as all links on other lanuage projects are broken.

Translating from da to nb works for me. no is no longer selectable due to fixes for T132217: Machine translation in Content translation from nowiki to nnwiki broken.

Please re-open with further details if you disagree.

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