Make Wikimedia's Git/Gerrit documentation less horrible and less scattered
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A prerequisite for T129068: Improve code contribution guidelines for patch authors.
Because when those instructions to set up Git and Gerrit make me give up, I won't ever need to get to the Code Contribution guidelines.

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Posting a quick update. As this is complex and as I might wonder what I've been up to.

Work so far (so far in the last two days):

Stuff to do (not at all a complete list):

Quick status update:

Quick status update:

Last item left before I consider this task "acceptable" and hence resolved (as perfect is the enemy of good):

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I went through mw:Gerrit/* subpages to check which ones are relevant and to link from mw:Gerrit.
I'll drop my thoughts for that specific page in this comment so I can pick them up tomorrow again:

  • Prerequisites:
    • dev env (vagrant); link to developer_hub and how_to_become_a_hacker, etc
  • Get the code and submit your first patch:
    • Gerrit/Tutorial - A thorough guide to using Git and Gerrit for MediaWiki development
    • Gerrit/Getting started - A very short guide to using Git and Gerrit for MediaWiki development
  • Tutorials and help for Gerrit:
    • Gerrit/Advanced usage - How to do things "the hard way" in gerrit
    • Gerrit/Troubleshooting - Problems and how to solve them
    • Gerrit/Navigation - How to navigate Gerrit's interface
    • Gerrit/FAQ - Frequently asked questions concerning how to use Git and Gerrit
    • Gerrit/GitHub - About integration with the GitHub service
  • For code contributors / authors:
    • Gerrit/Code review/Getting reviews - Learn how to get your patches reviewed
    • Gerrit/Commit message guidelines - Learn how to write good commit summaries
  • For code reviewers:
    • Gerrit/Code review - Learn how to perform code review. Your help reviewing changes is welcome!
    • Gerrit/+2 - Guidelines for reviewers with merging rights in Gerrit
  • For project owners / administration:
    • Gerrit/Inactive projects - Guidelines how to handle inactive projects
    • Gerrit/New repositories - How to create a new project in Gerrit
    • Gerrit/Project ownership - How to become the owner of a project in Gerrit
    • Gerrit/+2 - Guidelines for reviewers with merging rights in Gerrit
  • If you only want to get the code and do not plan to propose changes:
    • To simply browse & fork our code you can use the GitHub mirror. (TODO: We ignore pull requests according to , hence don't advertise like that?? In any case, link to mw:gerrit/GitHub from here)
    • To make an anonymous git clone of core MediaWiki... (TODO: again: is that relevant here? readonly?! Maybe just remove this whole section and move both items to better places in the mw:Gerrit/Tutorial?)
  • See Also:
    • .... (what's already there)
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135 edits later, we're done with this part I'd say.
Big thanks to everybody who helped with edits and input!
I also emailed wikitech-l.


Not done:

Next steps:

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Something I had seen while asking Hackathon participants to move top down in

These are found to be frequent blockers during hackathons and other events, and I am sure other devs too had been at similar situations.

Something more. This has happened many times, and I just think some fix with the document might help here.

tonythomas> in -- it is said just to clone the Mediawiki core, and I see people just execute that command straightaway, while it should be actually done from the webserver DocumentRoot
17:51 <tonythomas> this can be like /var/www/html/ in most apache installs
17:51 <tonythomas> all my attendees (I guess), gets stuck here, and just clone the thing from where the terminal is at that point, and then wonders
17:52 <tonythomas> but its an expected knowledge for someone who have done something with php, apache etc, that the app should rest in the DocumentRoot, though

@01tonythomas: Thanks! This is extremely viable feedback.
Not 100% happy but I tried to improve things:

  • - the git review -s should be run inside core/ which will only happen in the following 'How to submit a patch' doc. This is clear from the screenshot too. People get stuck here, as they keep on trying git review -s and the error message fatal: Not a git repository (or any parent up to mount point /home) shows up. Solution would be to move this from there, and I think it is not needed too, as clone via git from wm gerrit, and the first patch push would automatically setup gerrit for you.

  • Downloading of MW core is given in - this creates confusion and should be renamed as 'Download Mediawiki code (core) from Gerrit' or something like that. I think the downloading of core an extensions section can be a subsection in the submit a patch too, which would make more sense.

Something more. This has happened many times, and I just think some fix with the document might help here.

Fixed by yourself in