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Server for ContentTranslation fails (is dead?)
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I guess omething has gone kabonk at the server. :)

Screendump-contenttranslation-server-2016-05-03.png (446×1 px, 53 KB)

This is for a request

The field from=nb is changed into from=no as something sets a wrong subdomain.

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Works now, but it has been down for several hours.

Or works, we have the usual problems.

Nope, something is wrong. Machine translations sometimes work, sometimes fails.

That issue is still there, but I have not seen the flaky behavior before.

Tried to figure out if was more pronounced in one translate direction or another, but I can't find any pattern.

Have no clue what happen, and I doubt it is possible to track it down now.

Translated the page, but can't use Apertium. Only Yandex.Translate is available.

Had to use to=noto make the translation work.

Currently, Yandex is only available for 'no'. I'm debugging further.

Seems like several bugs are related to the no/nb mixup. See for example T134219.

@Nikerabbit, maybe it's fixed with your no/nb cleanup?

Amire80 claimed this task.

That is likely.

Closing, please reopen if it happens again.