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Rack and setup (3) Druid Nodes in eqiad
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This is the official task for setting up the 3 Druid Nodes. They are currently racked.

  • - receive in normally via T132067
  • - rack
  • - add mgmt dns entries for both asset tag and hostname
  • - add production dns entries
  • - setup network ports (description, enable, vlan)
  • - update install_server module
  • - install OS
  • - service implementation (hand off to @Ottomata for this as initial requestor on T124947)

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@JAllemandou @Milimetric, can you comment on desired partition layout for this?

I'm going to guess a small / partition, and then the rest of space (lvm?) on RAID 10 across all 4 disks.

Perhaps to make this easy, we should just ask for a small 30G / raid 10 array across all disks, and leave the rest up to us later.

Cmjohnson mentioned this in Unknown Object (Task).