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Portal: investigate on how long a "typical" session is
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This ticket is in response to a meeting the Portal team had about the last A/B test and the possible differences in clickthrough rates for the first visit vs overall rates.

This ticket is to investigate how long a typical session is for our portal visitors. Based on this information, we might make changes in the future to how we track (or not) these longer sessions.

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Half of my day was spent in meetings but I'm almost done ( I've got a pretty good idea of how long a typical session is by country, now just need to re-run the code but look at language preference instead of country and put together the report explaining what the heck these plots actually tell us.

Preview of the said plots:

survival_by_country.png (864×1 px, 190 KB)
survival_median.png (432×576 px, 101 KB)

First draft:

Some of the plot types I used may be new and/or confusing at first, no matter how much labelling there is, so I'd love to get into a Hangout and go over how to read those. I am always down to help people with statistical graph literacy!