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Clean up TrackingInfo
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We have several deprecated fields in the TrackingInfo class, that should be removed from the class and the DoctrineDonationRepository implementation.

To Discuss:

  • Are we still using the banner counts stored in donation?
  • From a Domain perspective, the TrackingInfo class is not necessarily a part of Donation and the AddDonation use case, since tracking is not necessary for some domain aspects (payment, changing donation state) and can be seen as standalone for other domains (analytics). Also, the tracking information can be reused for memberships and subscriptions, giving us a clearer picture where our members and subscribers are coming from. However, having a separate new bounded context might be overkill for storing 3 distinct values (banner impression counts and matomo tracking code) that are needed for donations only at the moment.

Acceptance criteria:

  • Fields source, color and layout are removed - they are superseded by the matomo tracking codes and the bucket testing log and are not exported since 2019.

Implementation hints if we decide to create a new bounded context:

  • Remove TrackingInfo from Donation in donation bounded context. Remove code form repository, tests, request etc
  • Create new "Tracking" bounded context with "TrackDonation" use case, containing the removed code from previous step. Tracking info should be stored in its own table, the code for modifying the legacy donation table should live in FundraisingFrontend
  • Assuming T203679: Refactor fundraising database schema is still ongoing: In FundraisingFrontend: Create a " legacy tracking writer service" that writes the tracking information into the legacy donation table (using the data attribute).
  • In FundraisingFrontend: Create domain event handler for DonationCreated that calls the TrackDonation use case and the legacy tracking writer service.

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