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Augment 'Add a Wiki' process to include Analytics pageview whitelist
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Recently, was created (see T134017). We should add steps to to make sure that is modified properly whenever this happens.

I'd do it myself, but I don't have all of the context. :)

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We need to figure out the correct criteria for wikis to be added to this list. I noticed that there are only 4 entries containing .wikimedia, that can't possibly be right

Just updated wiki:

@Krenair: it is correct, only "knowledge public wikis " are on that list

So non-private, non-wikimania, non-chapter, and none of (for example) these?

@Krenair: correct, those are omitted on purpose so their pageviews are not counted. To be clear we still get their requests and we process them we just do not aggregate and archive them or count them as pageviews

Okay. I think this is done and we can resolve it, unless anyone disagrees?

Good for me!

@Krenair: Thanks for caring about the definition :)
For more details on the precise domain topic, see, and more globally for pageview definition: