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Decide how to handle tasks with archived projects only
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Phabricator contains bunch of tasks, which are parts of archived project(s) only. It's recurring issue.

So the question is, what to do with those. Basically creating and documenting some generic procedure to follow would be nice.

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If a task is in no other project, try to contact (former) stakeholders of the archived project (and/or create a task about it) twice, and ask what to do about them / whether someone plans to re-triage those tasks.
If impossible to get a reply within a reasonable timeframe, mass-close as declined.

or catch it at the archiving step and make sure that it doesnt happen for any project before all tasks are closed. like make it a (technical?) requirement that you cant archive them when tasks are open and they have to be moved or declined first for this to happen

What is left to do here to get consensus?

IMO dead projects are dead and reactivating is a wrong signal, and removing projects from tasks removes information where a task "came from" and they'd get removed from the list of tasks associated to that (archived) project.

I recommend contacting project members and watchers and ask them what to do with the remaining tasks - e.g. decline those tasks if no other project is assigned, or triage those tasks by adding active projects to them.

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