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Epic: Implement spreadsheet-like cell editing for tabular data
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Add an ability to edit the table using a spreadsheet-like view (e.g. google spreadsheet, etc). Editing raw JSON is complicated and error prone.

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Parsoid actually has native support for JSON now:

All that's needed is VE support for editing this table structure.

@cscott, is there an example of a custom content hadler VE implementation? Something to quickly get started?

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There are lots of potential libraries for this listed on
Also some vue variants, which might be interesting as a test with our new Vue support.

This was discussed at today's Wikipedia Weekly episode where one can watch Fuzheado and Keilana struggle with editing coronavirus statistics:

This feature request particularly relevant in the current pandemic. (e.g.

It is great that they are stored as JSON and can be transcluded by all Wikimedia projects, but the lack of a visual interface means that they are very cumbersome to edit.

Can we deploy something like the table editor in VisualEditor to the data namespace on Commons?

@Fuzheado @Keilana there is a csv/excel import/export gadget for that that I made a couple years back.

It doesn't deal with the header completely, so you'll need to preserve that one, but it can help you in certain cases.

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this is not a duplicate of T250877 Visual editing interface for tabular data on Commons.
a visual editing interface could edit JSON data like cells in a spreadsheet as VE does. but that is a down select you have made.

here are some examples of JSON as spreadsheet