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Community Bonding Period report of GSoC 2016 projects (tracking)
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The detailed plan can be kept in the original proposal task itself which can be modified as per discussions with mentors.

A typical bonding period report might contain:

  • Work done (environment setup, links to patches merged etc.)
  • Lessons learnt
  • Problems faced and solutions found
  • Any changes to the original plan
  • Minimum Viable Product for the project decided
  • Communication plan with mentor decided
  • Some example reports from previous round: T98154, T97728

GSoC 2016 interns: Please add your individual project CBP reports as blockers of this task!

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@D3r1ck01 Your task blocks this task, not the other way around. Please fix.

I remember you pinging me on this earlier, but looks like you have blocked the wrong task on the tracker!

This tracks Community Bonding Period report of GSoC 2016 projects (tracking) -- and you have blocked it with your evaluation task !

Ohhh, thanks. I now see it. Let me fix :)

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