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An error occurred while uploading large file on Commons
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matmarex added a subscriber: matmarex.

I'm sorry, I don't understand this report. What limit does apparently exceed? It seems okay to me, and the video plays just fine.

It does seem like the files lost the transcodes, but I tried clicking the "Reset transcode" button for the WebM 160P ones on and and both transcodes were generated just fine in a few minutes. Presumably the same can be done for them all.

Hm... It returns an error for several hours. But now renamed. Very strange.

Now there is no problem. But I wonder how it happened.

@matmarex I still suspect that this file ( is not properly uploaded. For example, see transcode status. IMHO, it makes sense to check on the server.

But… what makes you suspect that? I reset all the transcodes and they all completed successfully. I can now play this video in all of the various formats, and I was able to download the whole original file locally. It seems perfectly fine to me. What would I want to check about it on the server? (Technically, I can't do it myself, and if I were to ask somebody else, I'd like to have a good reason.)

If I'm missing something, please explain :)