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Language code problem at nowiki for Yandex.Translate engine
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The Yandex.Translate engine is just now enabled for nowiki. As a first attempt on testing I translated w:en:Weststar Aviation (Malaysia) into Norwegian Bokmål. First I started from the sidebar in English, and the throbber continued pulsing with no action. Then I tried to open the page from w:no:Special:Contributions, and the same happen there. Then I inspected the url and found that it used the "nb" language code, and I changd it to "no", and then it let me translate the first paragraph. Final url was like this.

Might be related to T132217, T132435, and T134219

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Also translated Pradons from dewiki and Tecumseh (Nebraska) to see if the behavior were consistent, which it was.

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I am marking this one resolved. We now always rewrite no to nb as part of fixing T132217: Machine translation in Content translation from nowiki to nnwiki broken so this problem cannot exist anymore. Please re-open with details if you disagree.