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Deal with no longer used noicon/noplayer mode of TMH
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The former OggHandler had a 'noicon' mode but I don't believe that TMH still effectively does anything with that option any longer. Should investigate and decide on what to do with it.

Wonder how much this option is used in the content, and if we can afford to just drop it from the syntax (which probably would cause these to be interpreted as captions).

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TheDJ renamed this task from Deal with no longer used noicon mode of TMH to Deal with no longer used noicon/noplayer mode of TMH.May 13 2016, 8:12 AM
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Assigning this to scott in hopes that he can help figure out how much this is present in our wikitext.

I think flagging them as bogus options will be a nice fix. Beyond that I don't think we need to worry about them for Parsoid, and should drop special-casing them from TMH eventually (maybe after a year of them being actively purged via Linter).

noicon is a magic word of the timedmediahandler, it seems odd to mark it as error when it is part of the extension. Remove it from the extension and ignore it for b/c reasons seems a better way.

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