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RFE: Display name for pages in category
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Author: Betlista

It will be great if there is possibility to change link name(s) for page in category.

For example:
I have page refering about execution plans in Oracle. This page is in 2 categories - Oracle and HowTo, and name of the page is HowTo:Oracle:Explain_plan I would like to have possibility to force name of the link in category page, further I like to specify list of names, because I would like that links are easy to find for user.

In case described above I would like to define category like
[[Kategory:Oracle|Explain plan|Explain_plan,Oracle:Explain_plan]]
and link to this page won't be "HowTo:Oracle:Explain plan" under E letter, but there would be "Explain plan" and "Oracle:Explain plan" under letters E and O

Maybe there is not necessary to have {sort} parameter and sort it by link names, next feature can be to define delimiter as next parameter, like:
[[Kategory:Oracle|Explain_plan,Oracle:Explain_plan|,]] {sort} parameter is missing
result is the same as previous example

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Severity: enhancement



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