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External links with & in them break in an imagemap
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Author: Prodego

Using imagemap to link to an external URL with '&' in it will break, the & is converted to &. (that is &amp ; in case it renders it) So a link to www.&.com will go to www.&.com (again &amp ;).

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www.&.com is not a valid domain.

Prodego wrote:

However, something like "" is valid, and also contains an & symbol. I just used the invalid www.&.com to demonstrate how the & is treated.

Providing a real example would have helped. :)

Here's a sample ....

Image:Foo.jpg|200px|picture of a foo
poly 131 45 213 41 210 110 127 109 []

I can confirm that the resulting link is double-HTML-escaped, leading incorrectly to;action=history

Have put the example live at

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