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CentralNotice: finalize list of wild useless cookies for slurp, and push config change
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CentralNotice code to slurp up useless, old, wild cookies has merged and is awaiting deployment.

After that, we'll need to put a list of old cookies for slurp in mediawiki configuration, via $wgCentralNoticeCookiesToDelete.

Here is a list of cookies to cull. We should finalize the list... What sort of community outreach do we need for this? What sort of announcements? I think at least we'll want to check that none are for currently active campaigns...

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Aha, so this is the task you meant when you said 'we should use that cookie deleting code'.

I wonder how many cookies there are left... We've had localStorage as a requirement for serving JS at all since April of 2016:

So we should always be using localStorage instead of cookies, even for the [Ff]undraising category.

This should totally be added to the current sprint. How can we have a dinosaur cookies sprint & not include this one

Ejegg added a comment.Feb 15 2018, 4:29 PM

@AndyRussG do you have the queries handy that you used to make that list so we could refresh it?
@Jseddon would you have some time in the next couple weeks to ask other CentralNotice users about the cookies that they might care about?

I'm feeling really psyched to delete a bunch of cookie code.

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