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More accurate UI text when you start doing a disallowed undeletion (over a Flow board)
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Found by @Etonkovidova at T104591: Deleted wikitext Talk page cannot be restored after EnableFlow creates the same page (but edited):

  1. The proper warning to users is in place. But to find it - it's little confusing.

The below example uses Talk:Mavetuna2 page as an example.

  • create wikitext Talk:Mavetuna2 and then delete it.
  • via Special:EnableFlow create Talk:Mavetuna2
  • Special:Undelete informs that "The following page has been deleted but is still in the archive and can be restored."

It shouldn't say "can be restored" in this case (that would require hooking into this message).

  1. clicking on the link Talk:Mavetuna2 from Special:Undelete page will say, "If a new page with the same name has been created since the deletion, the restored revisions will be merged with the new page's history, and the current revision of the live page will not be automatically replaced." - not true if a new page with the same name is a Flow board:

  1. Clicking on the link 'del/undel' link or on 'del/undel selected revision' button will display 'Delete/undelete revisions' page which has options only for changing the visibility of revisions.

(3) may not be useful when there is currently a Flow board at the location).