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Add a welcome bot to Differential for first time contributors
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greg added subscribers: mmodell, Qgil.

Would there be any equivalent to this in Phabricator/Differential?

I'd really love to know this too.
Anyone having a vague technical idea how hard adding such an automated message would be in a Differential world? @mmodell or so? :)

OpenStack's welcoming message is great. It sets correct expectations on speed of patch review and how to escalate if review does not happen.

(I'd also like to think about a "Congratulations! Your first patch has been merged! Would you fancy working on a second task? Check out" message or something like that.)

@Paladox: How exactly? Please share exact steps in comments. I haven't seen any condition in the dropdown options that could target first time contributions.

Well I'm not really sure, but I said you could I didn't say use it.

But anyways it can be added to new patches but yeh I guess we carnt use it judging by it will add to all users even if they aren't new.

Sorry to waste a comment.

@Paladox: If you write that "we could user Herald to do this", you imply that it is technically possible. Hence I asked you how exactly it is possible. If you do not know whether it is possible, please investigate first before adding any comments implying that it is technically possible. (Or make it clear after your investigation that Herald could be used after additional code changes.) Thanks.

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