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Respawn the schema/field white-list for EL auto-purging {tick}
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We need a white-list of the schema-field pairs that can be kept indefinitely in EL database.
Those must be extracted from the purging strategies that were agreed at the time of EL's audit.
This white-list will be used to implement the corresponding auto-purging system.

When the audit was done, a white-list was created, but since the implementation of the purging was deprioritized, we need to update this list, because several schemas that we agreed to partially purge or no purge have new fields that must be included.

Also, new schema owners must be notified that their new schemas will loose data after the auto-purging starts. And that if they want to discuss other purging strategies for their schemas, it should be done now. So that the fields can be included in the white-list.

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mforns set the point value for this task to 13.May 12 2016, 11:05 PM

The new white-list including the new data for the modified schemas since Aug 2015 is done. Here's the file:

How to understand that list:

  1. It has 2 columns: schema and field.
  2. It is a white list, meaning that all fields listed are to be kept indefinitely (they will survive auto-purging). This also ensures that all new schemas or fields will be auto-purged by default.
  3. The schema column does not include the revision. This is done on purpose, so that new versions of a schema won't need to re-add all previously existing fields to the white list.

Note, I forgot to add the editCountBucket fields that were the result of the bucketization.
Here is the white list that includes those fields, the previous one is incorrect and should not be used.