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[WMDE-Fundraising] Crate new Paypal donation when it's already booked but has new transaction id
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Create a new donation object (and database entry) when the following occurs in the paypal notification use case:

  • Donation status is B (booked/paid)
  • Transaction type (parameter txn_type) is not subscr_payment( that case is handled by T135225 )
  • Paypal Transaction ID (parameter txn_id) is not in the donation data "bag of stuff" with the key ext_payment_id or transactionIds array
  • No custom parameters (and thus no donation ID) are given, which means the transaction wasn't preceded by an action in our application (T130119)

The new donation must be cloned from the old, the transaction id of the new object must be inserted in the transactionIds array of the old donation.

See the old code