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Investigate requests flagged as pageview in analytics header coming from bots
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Weird thing: Some requests having the pageview=1 x_analytics header flag are coming from bots (googlebot, from what we saw).

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No, expected, this is google crawling the app on google pay store.

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This sounds like googlebot crawling the app and sending traffic as a user would, I do not see anything that we can do on our end to prevent that, fixes need to happen on apps end so if you are being crawled no analytics get sent. cc @Fjalapeno and cc @Dbrant

Action item for analytics is to verify that indeed all this requests are coming from apps.

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I could not find any requests from googlebot in couple days I spot-checked in October, now requests marked with "pageviews=1" in x-analytics do come from apps. There is nothing on our system that will prevent googlebot to crawl the app on play store and (unless the app preventys it) send us requests tageed pageview=1 on X-analytics header as if they would come from actual usage of app. Closing ticket as the only actionable would be modifying app code (cc @Fjalapeno) and that might have already happened.

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