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[GSoC Requirement] Community Bonding Report for Pywikibot Support for Thanks
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GSoC Project: T130585: Pywikibot Support for Thanks (GSoC Proposal)
Community Bonding Phase Report | April 23rd - May 22nd
See Weekly Reports (T133667) for more details.

Mentor Meets

  • Meet #1: Sunday, 15th May, IRC. T135911 E192
  • Meet #2 Friday, 20th May, Skype. T135933 E193

Work Done

  • Set up working environment for both mediawiki and pywikibot.
  • Worked on existing patches (not yet merged, but see progress in the patches below):
  • Went through documentation for the following. Clarified doubts (and edited a bit) along the way:
    • Thanks Extension
    • Pywikibot
    • Flow Extension
    • MediaWiki API
  • Setup jekyll blog to monitor progress and log experiences during the project:
  • Created Project : T133665 ( Pywikibot-Thanks )
  • Created Community bonding evaluation subtask: T133666
  • Created Weekly Reports Subtask: T133667
  • Created Subtasks for the Project (first three for now): T135409 T135411 T135413
  • Participated in code reviews for others here.
  • See my Mediawiki and Commons edits here and here.
  • Sent an introductory mail on wikitech-l
  • Was active on Phabricator - see my activity here.
  • Experimented with and gained experience in Pywikibot (PAWS, scripts from computer, created a Tools instance).
  • Fixed upon a detailed plan for the project - T130585.
  • Decided upon the MVP of the project.
  • Discussed an overview of the structure of the code with mentors - see T135933.
  • Discussed Subtask 1 (T135409) for the next phase of work.

Changes to original plan

  • Account for the fact that the revisions and pages associated with a thank action are not public
  • Account for the fact that thanks logging may be turned off. Add a requirement that the code needs to determine this first.
  • Update MVP details as mentioned in T130585#2299692
  • Edit Subtask 3 stating that it cannot be revision based.
  • Edit Subtasks 1 and 4 with respect to User.thanks_enabled property.

MVP for project

  • The MVP would be subtasks 1 and 2 implemented, reviewed and wrapped up.
  • The code for subtasks 1 and 2 must all be merged to pass the mid-term evaluation.
  • If the code is not completely merged, then the code may still be considered if all of it has been submitted in Gerrit with a +2 from jenkins-bot.
  • There must be a branch on my GitHub fork which has all the aforementioned patches integrated and all the tests passing.
  • Apart from the technical deliverables, I would also be having weekly reports for progress along with a weekly blog post, and regularly update the documentation as required.

Communication plan with mentors

  • Rolling Communication with mentors over IRC at #gsoc-thanks
  • Weekly progress reports at T133667
  • Phabricator tasks for subtasks' discussion.
  • Patch submissions through Gerrit.
  • Documentation on Wikis.
  • Regular biweekly meetings will be planned as calendar events, and the minutes will logged as tasks.