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Wikipedia Zero should use system notifications
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Acceptance criteria:

  • When the app joins a Zero network, it will show a notification in the system status bar. This notification can then persist independently of the lifecycle of the app's activities.
    • Tapping on the body of the notification will relaunch the app if it's closed, or bring the app to the foreground if it's already open.
    • The notification will contain verbiage defined by the Comms and Partnerships teams.
    • The notification will contain an "action" button that will lead the user to a URL hosted by us (opened in the default Browser app) that will contain detailed information about W0, including information specific to the carrier that is being used.
    • The accent color of the notification, as well as the LED blink color, will be defined by the carrier.
  • When the app exits a Zero network, the notification will change its verbiage to reflect the fact that the user is no longer on a zero-rated network. (If the previous "enter" notification was dismissed by the user, this "exit" notification will be re-issued.)
  • The very *first* time that the user joins a Zero network, we will show a pop-up dialog with some "welcome" verbiage about W0, and a "Learn more" button to go to the FAQ page (this is in addition to the W0 notification). For subsequent joins/exits from Zero networks, no popup message will be shown (and only the notification is shown). The verbiage in the notification itself will be defined by Comms and Partnerships (it will not use the carrier-defined message). Ideally, this welcome verbiage should not exceed 200 characters.
  • Our "exit interstitial" behavior (warning the user that navigating to an external link will incur data rates) will remain unchanged.

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@Mholloway, see if this jives with you. I know we have to sync up with @Dbrant as well as the Zero folks but if no one else wants this, there's no sense fighting for it.

Hmm, there's a lot to like about this idea but cross-platform consistency is an obvious issue. I'd guess that iOS has an API for raising system notifications but I'm not sure.

We think this is likely ultra low priority but also needs input from @Nirzar.

Dbrant set the point value for this task to 3.Sep 9 2016, 6:07 PM

Change 317002 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dbrant):
[WIP] [MOCK] Wikipedia Zero system notifications.

Change 317002 merged by jenkins-bot:
Wikipedia Zero system notifications.

@Dbrant - minor detail. Can we use just a larger W as the icon rather than having it inscribed inside the square?

Something like:

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