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Visualise moved lines in diff view
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It would be useful for editors to see more clearly when a paragraph has moved from one place to another.
For example:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.21.58 PM.png (717×1 px, 273 KB)

A proof of concept is shown here: but has stated in the review there are two blockers

  • Diff would need additional markup
  • We'd probably have to increase the minimum word count
  • Better support for fuzzy matching.

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this seems to be an (almost) duplicate of T138922 (can/shall we merge them?)

Provided you incorporate the text (patchset/implementation details) above into the description of the other task that's fine with me.

@Tobi_WMDE_SW – can you merge the two issues? (Either I lack the rights to do that or there is no merge function and I need just to copypaste…)

Could this task and T160077 be treated as duplicates?

@Lea_WMDE: has the blockers, so that might by why the existing code with the arrows is unmerged. But if I get it right, the concerns were not related to the arrows/UI but to fuzzy move matching in general

thiemowmde claimed this task.