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Undefined index: project in /data/project/heritage/heritage/api/includes/FormatHtml.php
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Undefined index: project in /data/project/heritage/heritage/api/includes/FormatHtml.php on line 89
Call Stack:
0.0074 666088 1. {main}() /data/project/heritage/heritage/api/api.php:0
0.0736 1646256 2. ApiMain::dispatch() /data/project/heritage/heritage/api/api.php:36
0.0977 1954624 3. ApiMonuments->executeModule() /data/project/heritage/heritage/api/includes/ApiMain.php:39
0.1318 2189240 4. ApiMonuments->statistics_db() /data/project/heritage/heritage/api/includes/ApiMonuments.php:76
0.8242 12457184 5. FormatBase->output() /data/project/heritage/heritage/api/includes/ApiMonuments.php:372 
0.8256 12791760 6. FormatHtml->outputRow() /data/project/heritage/heritage/api/includes/FormatBase.php:48

Looks similar to T134567

Thoughts @Lokal_Profil ?

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Change 289314 had a related patch set uploaded (by Lokal Profil):
Add lang and project to statistic reports

Nah. This is due to the statistics module having it's own table but reusing the output formaters. Patch should fix it though... I think ;)

Change 289314 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add lang and project to statistic reports

Mentioned in SAL [2016-05-18T10:50:09Z] <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 39780e2, 977c07f, 5f4532c, b7b297b (T135502 & T55688), 476267f (T39422)

Lokal_Profil claimed this task.

Fixed. The accidentally removed linking component is tracked as part of T55688.