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Add more symbols to the new math mode
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There are a few maths symbols which are urgently required for a proper treatment of several topics. I should wish them to be added to the math mode, and should remark that the communities will benefit.

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Also needed: \xlongrightarrow and its relatives (\xlongleftarrow and so on)

Also, the package xymatrix would allow for drawing diagrams immediately, instead of first draw them in texmaker, then exporting pdf, transforming the pdf to svg using a command line tool, editing the svg to the right size using inkscape, uploading the file on commons and then embedding it.

@Mathmensch can you create one bug for each sepeerate request. That way we can keep the overview

@Physikerwelt sure gonna do that, but may take some time (need to go to supermarket now)

has been cancelled, can do it immediately

Physikerwelt raised the priority of this task from Low to Medium.Jul 11 2017, 11:00 AM
Physikerwelt lowered the priority of this task from Medium to Low.

We first have to disable png rendering in production. Otherwise people using that mode won't be able to see the new symbols.

@Physikerwelt I want to be frank: I need the middle command. As soon as possible. The first WB is going out this week, and I want to do the print version for proof reading.

@Mathmensch I feel sorry for the silence. The middle command is complicated. I can not promise to do it anytime soon. So I unassigned myself. Sorry.

One more request is for an upright mu: μ. The use case is for units like micro-metre μm. Other upright Greek letters might also be useful.

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